Matt, Mike & Jason

It all started with 3 dudes. Often over a couple of pints, they found themselves continuously scheming about innovative business opportunities, always looking into the future for the next big idea. After years of working together on various projects, it became clear that they shared the same values and passion for meaningful work, big thinking and the desire to see their community punch above its own weight class.

At some point, they asked themselves, what if we could create a beautiful, collaborative space for ourselves and others to enjoy? A place diverse, yet connected, where connections can be built, ideas can be born and personal development can be nurtured and encouraged. With that in mind, they set out to build a place to get work done, in a space that didn’t feel like work at all.

With the help of everyone around them, they founded Path Cowork, a community at work. These 3 dudes are our founders. Meet Jason, Matt and Mike.

This is the story of Path Cowork and our journey is just beginning.

Meet Justin, our General Manager. If you have any questions about the space he’s your guy to talk to! You’ll see Justin roaming around the space with a smile on his face nearly every day of the week, so don’t forget to say hello!

If you need a break from the hustle, pick Justin’s mind about marketing, sports or travel. Or even better, get to know him over a coffee or beer in the common area.

Meet Katie, our Community Manager. Katie is extremely welcoming and her upbeat personality brings positive vibes to the space every day! Lucky for you, she’ll likely be the first person you see when you enter the space. Katie is an artist, foody and has recently become involved in the entrepreneurial environment in Regina, she’s always got something interesting on the go!


Work hard, nothing comes easy

Have Fun

Life is short, enjoy it

Find Beauty

Let it inspire you

Do “You”

Be proud, be you

Help Each Other

We all Need It

Be Bold

Just go for it

At Path, we offer communal working space for freelancers, small businesses and innovative organizations. Path is built to foster collaboration and motivate people in Regina to think differently. Work with us on a day pass, monthly membership or in a private office, whatever works best for you!

Our 16,000 sq. ft. space is located in downtown Regina and includes large common areas, a communal kitchen, open working spaces, private desks and offices, numerous boardrooms, phone booths and most importantly, our community at work.